The Experiences

Peter Verberk:
“I had a lot of nerve pain and numb fingers.  I Wear it now for a week and already notice that the symptoms are decreasing.  I am thrilled with it and advise to try it out for sure".

Ellen Peeters:
“It is an easy and chic way to reduce the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. I strongly recommend it."

Romy van der Veer:
"I'm happy with this bracelet. I've been suffering from wrist pain for years, but I noticed improvement when wearing this bracelet".

Henk Fluit:
"My wife has been having trouble sleeping for some time. I have therefore bought her this bracelet.  She is delighted with it and can sleep better from it. Recommended!".

Jolanda van Geest:
"I'm an author, and I had severe wrist and elbow pain. I usually write more than 8 hours a day and a compression protector helped, but I still had pain. I bought this on a whim, the reviews were good, and so I thought I'm going to give it a shot. I didn't believe it would help, but the opposite has been proven. I'm no longer in pain. Super!"

Sandra Jacobs:
“I sleep so much better after wearing the bracelet and my arthritis seem to be better."

Anna Rijk:
"I don't know what it is, but this bracelet has cured my insomnia. I have scoliosis, which makes it difficult to sleep, even with a Tempurpedic mattress. I also have a lot of fear. Normally I have trouble falling asleep because of the pain and raging thoughts, but for some reason, this bracelet has worked miracles".

Kristel Korsten:
“It is Stylish, high-quality bracelet! My hand pain kept me awake at night, but fortunately, by wearing it, I can sleep anymore!"

Christa Tomassen:
“I gave this to a friend who was sceptical about how the bracelets worked. She tried it for a few days, and her hand felt better. She didn't wear it for a day, and the pain came back. She's been wearing it every day ever since."

Manon Verbruggen:
"The bracelet came with a short set that I appreciate. Saved me the expense of having the bracelet shortened at a jeweller's again. Now it fits perfectly, and I noticed a reduction in pain in my left elbow. So the bracelet lives up to its promise."

Linda van der Toorren:
"I have severe arthritis, especially in my left shoulder. A few hours after wearing it, I noticed that I could move my left arm more easily. Thank you very much."

Ria Kuijpers:
"If you suffer from chronic joint or muscle pain, you should wear a magnetic bracelet. I always wear it 24/7 with great results. I only take the bracelet off when I take a shower. I recommend it!"

Anna Drevers:
"So far, I'm impressed! I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, tried it on my right wrist and seem to be working, haven't had any numbness or tingling since I wore it".

Bjorn Paulussen:
"I notice an improvement in my sleeping pattern after just a few days."

Paula Houben:
"The design is beautiful, and we get a lot of compliments. We agree that it helps with arthritis pain, and I think it helped with my carpal tunnel syndrome. Noticeable difference! Fashionable and therapeutic!"

Henk Schepers:
"OK, I don't advocate holistic medicine, but honestly. This bracelet completely helped to relieve some severe shoulder and arm pain I had. I didn't put the bracelet on for two days, and the pain returned. I put it back on, and the pain disappeared after a few hours. After that, I was convinced. It works!"

Jaak Simons:
"I'm very pleased with the quality of this bracelet. The fit and finish are excellent. I've only worn it for a few days, and I've already noticed an improvement in my arthritis complaints".

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