Scientific evidence of magnetic bracelets

It is a fact that cannot be denied that magnetic fields have a positive effect on the human body. Even ancient Greeks used magnets to cure different diseases. Now the modern researches have proved that magnetic field positively affects the human body. There are good reasons that everyone from patients to top athletes wears magnetic bracelets.

There have been studies to verify this phenomenon. One thing is clear. It is that magnetic bracelets have positive effects on your health. In this article, you will get a sight into different aspects of healing bracelets. We shall discuss its benefits for your health.

Magnetic bracelet benefits
The studies show several benefits for the human body by wearing magnetic bracelets. It means there is a scientific base for its usage. Here are some findings:
  • There is a positive effect of magnetic therapy and magnetic bracelets for stress reduction, weight loss, promoting the healing of bone fractures.
  • These bracelets provide the hormonal balance.
  • The healing of swelling and the use of a magnetic bracelet for a mouse arm.
  • It is a supplement to any medication, and never as a replacement.
  • Scientific evidence shows that in many cases, magnetic bracelets speed up the healing process.
The effect on blood circulation

Magnet therapy is being researched at universities all over the world. One of the most astronomical researchers in this field is the University of Virginia in the United States. Leading researcher Professor Thomas Skalak states in his research that magnets and magnetic fields are not only beneficial to health; they have a proven effect on blood circulation.

Tests he has carried out have shown that small blood vessels can dilate and contract to employ a magnetic field. His speciality is the so-called 'microcirculation', i.e. the circulation through the minor veins. He wants to apply this on a large scale in athletes to measure performance improvement. However, a magnetic bracelet and other strong magnetic fields can also contribute to faster healing of swelling and different accumulations of blood.

Magnetic bracelet for a mouse arm

We at Magnetox specialize in high-quality healing and magnetic bracelets. One of the perfect applications for this is a problem that is affecting more and more people in the Netherlands: a mouse arm. This condition is also known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). 

A study published in 'The Journal of Family Practice' looked at the effect of magnetic bracelets in the healing process of CTS. Because the entire test group in this study is relatively small, we think it is premature to give all credit to the magnetic bracelet. Still, each user indicated that they felt a big difference after only 45 minutes. Whereas the pain level before treatment was on average about 6/10, they noted that after only 45 minutes it had decreased to about 3.5/10.

There is, therefore, no doubt about the effect of a magnetic bracelet. With all the scientific evidence that has come out in recent years, it is no wonder that more and more people are buying a magnetic bracelet. Are you looking for a capable magnetic bracelet for both men and women? Then take a look in the Magnetox webshop. Or read more on our site about how the magnetic bracelet works.

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