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How does the MAGNETOX bracelet benefit your health?
The base of Magnetic therapy is an approach that magnetic fields administered directly into the body can stimulate the healing of various health problems. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can wear magnetic bracelets to avoid pain, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. 

Different scientific researches have depicted the health benefits of magnetic bracelets. If you use these bracelets regularly, you can improve your mental and physical health. Since ancient times the civilizations used magnetic bracelets due to their healing features. Chinese doctors used magnets to treat different diseases in 200 BC. This page will help you understand how magnetic bracelets work and how they can improve your health. 

How do our magnetic bracelets work?
The arteries in the wrist are the focus of magnetic theory. Magnetic therapy is performed by placing static magnets close to your body. The magnet generates a magnetic field around itself. The increased blood circulation is owed to this magnetic field. It improves blood circulation by attracting iron particles in hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is a red protein that is responsible for the transport of oxygen in the blood. 

When you wear a Magnetox bracelet, there will be an improved blood circulation in your body. The irons substances in your blood are attracted to the magnet, giving way to an increased blood circulation. Moreover, it increases the amount of oxygen and other nutrients in your body. It also causes an efficient removal of toxic substances for your body. You can wear a healing bracelet on both of your wrists to get maximum benefits. It is really a proper way to normalize blood circulation in your body.

There was research conducted at the University of Virginia. It showed positive results on microcirculation. The microcirculation is blood flow through small blood vessels. The researchers placed magnets of 70 MilliTesla (mT) field strength, which is about ten times the strength of the conventional refrigerator magnet, near the blood vessels of rats and found that the dilated constricted blood vessels were dilated. The results suggested that magnets can relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

In recent research, the magnets were used on rat paws. These rats were treated for inflammation. There was tissue injury, and it was stimulating. The magnetic had positive effects as they reduced swelling. After these magnets were applied, there was considerable relief.

The most common injuries are related to muscles and joints. These injuries are worldwide. You cannot heal these injuries fast. There is a noted difference when you apply magnetic therapy. There is no pain and other side effects with the use of magnetic bracelets. It is a wholly safe and secure treatment. The healing bracelets do not treat the causes of any health issue. They modify the body functions and heal the pain and illnesses. It is a fact that healing bracelets are less dangerous than using drugs or surgery.

What are the health benefits of magnetic therapy?

Improved blood circulation
Blood vessels in the wrist are the center of the theory of magnetism. If there are magnets placed on the wrist, there will be improved blood circulation. It will obviously give the body more blood circulation with more nutrients. In this way it is a natural method to improve your health. 

Less inflammation
A study by Albert Roy Davis, Ph.D. showed that the action of magnets could kill cancer cells in animals. While there is no proof that it can cure cancer in humans. Moreover, it decreases the level of inflammation in our bodies. It increases the blood flow through our collection that reduces swelling and eliminates toxins. 

Pain Relief
If you are suffering from pain, it helps you in improving body function, which may lead to a reduction in pain. If you have pain due to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, it may be sufficient. Similarly, it reduces pain in your shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands.

Magnetic waves that the magnetic bracelet releases increase the endorphin level in our body. These are chemicals that are beneficial for imparting good feelings. After exercise and sex, our body releases these feelings. If you have more endorphins in your body, it will definitely decrease the pain you are suffering from.

Reduces stress and ensures a better night's sleep
The magnetic bracelets are best for decreasing stress and offer you a better sleep. If we put the magnetic bracelets on our head directly, it will provide more calm. According to some health professionals magnetic therapy may help your body produce more melatonin. It gives us a good night's sleep. If you sleep at night wearing magnetic bracelets, your body and brain may have a natural balance. It will produce more hormones.

What other elements are included in a MAGNETOX bracelet?
In addition to the silver magnets that are incorporated in the bracelet, there are two other elements.

Far Infrared (FIR)
The red elements on the inside of the bracelet are made of Far Infrared (FIR). They are known to stimulate blood circulation, protect against free radicals, and work against swelling and inflammation. 

The black elements on the inside of the bracelet are made of germanium. Germanium helps to increase concentration and reduce fatigue and stress.

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